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Vice & Versa


Our mandate was to create Vice & Versa’s visual identity and the packaging for their upside-down ice cream desserts, design their website, and implement a digital strategy.

After learning about our clients’ deliciously far-out idea—upside-down ice cream desserts—our team was immediately sold! Vice & Versa asked us to work our creative magic to bring this great idea to life.

  • Highlight the uniqueness of Vice & Versa products: fun and innovative ice cream desserts that you simply unmould and enjoy.

Our first step was to come up with a clever, easy-to-remember brand name that clearly reflected the products’ originality. Next, we built a strong and bold brand identity focused on showcasing the playful nature of Vice & Versa desserts. We wanted to see the fun! The characters on the packaging look just as funny upright as they do upside down.

The overall aesthetic goal was to keep things simple, without overloading the packaging, to showcase its original design. The cherry on top? The containers are displayed upside down because Vice & Versa’s not afraid to shake things up! The outcome is a fun and delicious dessert that will put a smile on everyone’s face!

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