Logo Aliments du Québec

Aliments du Québec

Aliments du Québec encourages Quebecers to eat locally and to support local businesses by providing benchmarks of trust through its logos that guarantee the origin of products.

We are very proud to be a partner of Aliments du Québec as an agency of reference. This partnership allows us to reach some 1,350 companies operating in the agri-food sector, in order to advise and accompany them in the design and deployment of all their communication tools.

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Logo Association Restauration Québec

Restauration Québec

The mission of the Association Restauration Québec (ARQ) is to provide its member restaurants throughout Quebec with comprehensive information, training, rebate, insurance and government representation services. Every action taken by the association is intended to contribute to the growth of its members and help them meet new challenges.

Voyou Bouffe is now a supplier member of the ARQ. This collaboration allows us to support restaurant owners in the marketing of their products.

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Logo Microbrasseries du Québec

Quebec Microbrewery Partners

Founded over 30 years ago, the Quebec Microbreweries Association (AMBQ) has the mission to regroup, support, represent and promote Quebec microbreweries.

Voyou Bouffe is proud to be a member partner of the AMBQ and to participate in the development of this flourishing industry in Quebec. It is a great collaboration that allows us to accompany and advise microbrewers in the development of their communication tools.

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