Les Fruits de Mer Madeleine

Les Fruits de mer Madeleine


To create a logo, brand image and packaging
that represents Fruits de mer Madeleine's DNA,
purpose and ambitions.

Fruits de mer Madeleine's customers, especially buyers in international markets, need to quickly understand the full scope of the company and the quality of its products through a consolidated and professional global brand image that inspires confidence and the ability to deliver.

  • Feel the quality of the products through updated packaging in order to further develop international markets and quickly create an image with a seal of quality.

  • Design a consistent brand image across local, national and international markets.

Tradition and modernity come together at the heart of this new image.

Our creative approach was to preserve the essence of the company, its nature and values, but in a more contemporary identity that stands out from the competition. In order to clearly reflect the philosophy of Fruits de mer Madeleine and its field of activity, the products were highlighted through illustrations and a colour palette reminiscent of the seaside.

The image evokes the company's traditional know-how and the quality and freshness of its products.

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