Rougemont brand


The redesign of the visual identity and packaging
of Rougemont juices and cocktails.

The Rougemont brand has been on the shelves for several decades and is a household name for most Quebec families. Lassonde first started to produce apple juice under the Rougemont name in 1959. Over the years, the company has strategically positioned itself by expanding its product offering.

Operating in a dynamic industry reshaped by the emergence of multiple beverage options, Lassonde's flagship brand wanted to refresh its image and strengthen its position as Canada's leading apple juice manufacturer.

  • Update product image

  • Increase product performance on the shelf


The new image of Rougemont products had to incorporate distinctive elements that customers could easily recognize. In other words, loyal customers must be able to quickly identify their product on display while feeling that their favourite brand has been revamped and is even more attractive than before.

More modern and streamlined, the new visuals focus on the refreshing aspect of fruit while maintaining the image of quality, tradition and authenticity established by the Quebec brand since 1959.

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