Roxy & Rich

Roxy & Rich


Review the positioning, branding and packaging design, design a new website and establish a communication plan and digital strategy.

Roxy & Rich's goal is to offer the highest quality, edible and high-performance food colouring to bakers around the world, amateurs and professionals alike.

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Encourage consumers and professionals to use the products

  • Build a network of ambassadors to increase brand visibility


To get people to buy into the brand, we needed to position R&R as a leader in professional food colouring with a strong brand image and highly impactful content.

The new Roxy & Rich brand image puts creativity in the spotlight. Our visual concept leaves room for the imagination by offering colourful worlds to inspire users. The logo, labels and website of this food colouring company were designed with imagination and whimsy. Navigating the new site now provides an inspiring, informative and colourful experience.

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