Alimentation Biodev



Brand positioning, creation of the visual identity and design
of the website for the new MamaShrub beverage.

In the ready-to-drink department, competition is strong. Brands must compete creatively to design original packaging that will make their products stand out. The creative team had to design a striking visual identity that would allow consumers to easily understand this unique and innovative product: a ready-to-drink shrub.

  • Clearly position this new product as a 100% natural, non-alcoholic sparkling beverage made from apple cider vinegar

  • Propose a striking visual identity that would stand out on the shelf


The packaging had to be attractive and simple in order to emphasize the important information and not look too visually cluttered. The aim was to make it easier for consumers to make a purchase decision by helping them to capture the key product information quickly.

The concept puts the Mama forward in a fresh, natural and energizing way. The ombré colour, moving from light to dark, immediately refers to the flavour of the drink, while the round, playful typeface embodies the colourful, invigorating nature of the brand.

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