Imperial Snacking

French Cancan


Always on the pulse of industry trends, Imperial Snacking wanted to expand its customer base by offering a superior quality popcorn product, adapted to an adult audience and dedicated to grocery chains, including Costco stores. Voyou was mandated to conduct a name search and develop a brand image for this new product.

As a longstanding client, we were familiar with the company’s proclivity for thinking outside the box. So, we put our bold vision to work: the concept, the name, the logo, the illustrations and the little story on the packaging, everything was designed to place the festive universe inspired by the exciting shows of the Parisian cabarets at the heart of the brand.

  • Project a bold, high-end image associated with fun that would stand out in a highly competitive market

  • Design visually striking packaging that highlights the nutritional qualities of the product

+ more than 3,500,000
bags of popcorn products
up to now

Available in
+ 100 Costco stores
across Canada

The brand image burst onto the scene and quickly allowed French Cancan to stand out from its competitors.

The brand is now distributed in all Costco stores in Canada and will soon be introduced in several grocery banners. The line has rapidly expanded to meet consumer demand. Products have been adapted in several formats and new flavours have been created. In addition, a 'Limited Edition' range has just been launched. Consumers quickly fell in love with French Cancan popcorn: the Facebook page is followed by more than 7,500 people and the Instagram account by almost 3,500 followers.

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