Garno, a family business based in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, has been offering spices from all over the world in addition to an impressive range of unique seasonings for 40 years.

It was in the late 70's, when Yvon Garneau lost his job in the construction industry, that the spicy adventure began. His wife Suzanne and he decided to roll up their sleeves and start a business... in the world of spices!

As the products quickly gained in popularity, the range expanded and its distribution increased. In 1988, Garno acquired a spice blender: this new transformation process allows the company to concoct exclusive blends, such as La Jardinière.

Garno now offers more than 300 varieties of spices and herbs, a complete line of soup bases, sauces and dips, as well as the new Isabelle Huot seasonings line, in stores across Quebec and New Brunswick.

Did you know that Voyou's first customer was Les Épices Garno some 35 years ago?