10 tasty tips!

Food is one of the most popular themes across social media. It’s a veritable gold mine for the agri-food industry! Not only are social media users receptive, but they are hungry for attractive, appetizing content. To date, the number of posts registered with the keyword #food has reached almost 346 million. Influencers are also very much involved in creating these movements by sharing their routines.

That’s why it is so important to develop a strong online presence and to publish engaging content to promote your brand. Above and beyond showcasing your products, offer tips on how to save time in the kitchen and how to plan meals, new ways to use your products, share stories, get your consumers involved by asking them which flavour they prefer or what they like to do with your products, etc. Be creative, clear and consistent.

Establish an editorial direction and a visual approach in line with your brand identity right from the get-go. Consistency is key for everything you publish.

Check out what other companies in your industry are doing on social media. Take inspiration from what they are doing well, while being unique and true to your brand

Regularly create new content that highlights your philosophy, products and sto

Be helpful to consumers. When you help people and teach them something, you automatically build trust and increase brand appreciation.

Invite influencers to contribute to your blog or to share your articles on their social media accounts.

Publish Instagram stories to share behind-the-scenes food preparation, recipes, customer feedback or interviews with members of your team.

Make sure it is easy to order your product or service, particularly from a mobile device.

Develop a strong brand image, create packaging to match, work on brand awareness and make sure your promise is clear to the consumer.

Talk about your values, mission, green initiatives or support for charitable causes.

Identify which platform(s) your target audience is using and focus your efforts there. Spreading yourself over several social media platforms requires an abundance of resources and commitment.